The Great Pangolin Mystery Book

The Great Pangolin Mystery Book

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Florence and Watson present the Great Pangolin Mystery is the second in the Florence and Watson children’s book series.

Pangolin has gone missing and the animals in the village on Sugarbush Mountain have called another emergency meeting in the town barn to try and get to the bottom of things. As usual Mayor Henry Hadeda and his friends Impi Impala, B the Buffalo, Giraffe and Lionel the Lion are jumping to conclusions and causing more confusion than good. Once again, the shy but level-headed and brave little Striped Mouse, Petal has to step in and talk some sense to a village in panic. 

She sets outs on a night time adventure with Florence and Watson and Porky Porcupine to find the mysterious Owl, the mischievous Rats and the slithery Snake to see if they know what happened to their friend Pangolin.

Join Petal and her friends as they set out under a starry sky to solve the Great Pangolin Mystery!

Beautifully illustrated by Lauren Fowler with Rob van Vuuren and Dani Bischoff’s clever rhymes and the trademark humour of Florence and Watson and the Sugarbush Mouse this book promises to entertain and delight young readers whilst subtly raising awareness for the plight of the Pangolin which is currently the worlds most illegally trafficked mammal.