Pangolin Book Pre Sales

Florence and Watson have a new book! 

Florence and Watson present the Great Pangolin Mystery is ready to go to the printers. We need your help to make this happen! We are doing pre-sales of our new book to: pay for the print run and to raise funds for The African Pangolin Working Group and the Petal Project.

The #PetalProject is the outreach arm of the Florence and Watson universe and is our opportunity to give back to literacy programs for kids in need and environmental causes close to our heart.

The Pangolin is currently the worlds most illegally trafficked mammal and we hope to raise awareness for the plight of the Pangolin through this book and to help raise funds for the Pangolin where it is most needed.

Our goal is to pre-sell 400 copies of Florence and Watson Present the Great Pangolin Mystery (with accompanying audiobook) at R250 each.

Of the R120 000 raised –

  • R60 000 will cover our printing costs and 
  • R50 000 will go directly to the African Pangolin Working Group. 
  • R10 000 will go towards the cost of 100 trilingual books of Florence and Watson and the Sugarbush Mouse, that we will be giving away to kids in need in the Eastern Cape when we do an isiXhosa reading of that book at the National Arts Festival at the beginning of July.

Our mission statement for the #Petal Project:
1: To nurture a love of storytelling and to promote literacy in South Africa across all indigenous languages.
2: To help build self-esteem in children in need.
3: To develop an understanding of environmental issues affecting us globally and by empowering children with the knowledge that they can positively affect global situation by how they behave locally. 
4: To focus our energies on children from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing free shows/book drop-offs and workshops that deal specifically with points 1-3.
5: To create work/training for aspiring actors, theatre technicians
, and producers by translating the stage show of Florence and Watson and the Sugarbush Mouse into as many of the Indigenous South African languages as possible and by creating a touring itinerary that serves disadvantaged /marginalised communities throughout the country. 
6: To create awareness about environmental issues and raise funds for the chosen organisations e.g.. The Working Pangolin Group.