News 2017

Hi everybody!

It's exciting times on Sugarbush Mountain!

We are launching a very special tri-lingual edition of Florence and Watson and the Sugarbush Mouse at the Book Lounge on Saturday morning March 4th. This brand new version of our very special book has more pages, more drawings and now comes in English, Afrikaans and IsiXhosa!

We have also landed a very exciting distribution deal with Xavier Nagel Agency and that means you'll soon be able to get the book in Exclusive Books, Bargain Books and Wordsworth nationwide! Some of those stores have not yet placed their orders so do us a favor and go into your local bookstore and request it by name. 

You can still get the new edition and our fantastic audio book in all the usual spots we were stocking them before we became world famous!

And speaking of world famous! We have been invited to take the show to the Brighton Fringe festival in the U.K. in May.

If you know any families over there who would also love our book please tell them to come and see the show!

In the meantime we just thought we should also let you know that we have it on good authority (from Mayor Henry Hadeda no less!) that Florence and Watson are feverishly scribbling away at the next story  in the series!